From France with love: Stunningly-beautiful ceramic pieces for your home now at Flowers from Holland, Grantham

We are thrilled to be stocking an exquisite range of Mark Judson’s hand-crafted, high-fired, stoneware bowls, porcelain slabs and elegant, coiled moon vases.

Mark’s work is renowned. In 2005, after teaching art in England for 23 years, he moved to western France. Here, in his light, airy studio, set among rambling old farm buildings in lush countryside, Mark works his magic. Turning clay into dazzling works of art, he specialises in creating individual, confident ceramic pieces, finished with decorative glazes.

In October we were lucky enough to exhibit some of his gorgeous pieces in Grantham, and the unanimous reaction was “wow!”.

Inspired by the ever-changing textures and colours he sees in natural landscapes, Mark uses a variety of techniques including throwing on the wheel, slab and coil. For those of you who have seen the “Pottery Throwdown” he doesn’t cry over his work, but each time the kiln is fired and ready for unloading he trusts that the “kiln gods” have been kind! And it seems they always are.

All of Mark’s high-impact, vibrant pieces are watertight, safe for food use and can be hand washed, making them practical – as well as beautiful – additions to any home. Mark only uses the highly-reputed St Amand en Puysaye clay from Burgundy and the finished body is hard-wearing and heat-proof. Each piece is fired twice, first at 1000C for about 12 hours, then after glazing at 1250C for a similar amount of time to create the best possible finish.

The results are truly amazing. In every piece, you can feel the passion, love and care that has gone into its creation.

Come and see for yourself. Pop in to see us, 12 St Catherines Road in Grantham and fall in love.


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